Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ichimame Update: Month of Memories

March 5, 2007

March is graduation time (in Japan). As soon as I graduated from junior high school, I began my apprenticeship (to become a maiko). At the graduation ceremony, I knew that soon I would no longer be able to see my friends, and I felt so lonely that I couldn`t stop the tears. Even so, everyone said "Do your best! We're all cheering for you!" and encouraged me. Then I was so happy that I cried all over again.

It's already been three years since that time. Every year this time comes, and I remember that day... And at the same time, I wonder, has it really been that long?

Now that I`ve entered my fourth year, I am among the higher ranking maiko, so I want to do my best.


Abbey said...

Wow, is she really still just a teenager? Sugei.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm in London and I enjoyed your blog.
I hope to come to Japan next summer for a holiday, I would like to hear from you again as I am into Mako and Geisha.
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