Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Brother is Back!

Magome, a well-preserved, Edo period post town on the old Nakasendo, the road through the mountains that once connected the imperial capital of Kyoto to the Shogun's seat in Tokyo.

My brother is back in Japan, just in time for hanami and geisha-dancing goodness (^-^)/ He's super-genki and pretty popular in these parts, so we've been keeping busy, but tomorrow we leave for Kyoto! Tanoshimi!


Christopher said...

Kyoto for hanami!! Sugoi! We're planning going Yoyogi-koen in Tokyo this weekend. My first Hanami! So excited!

Sera said...

Ohhhh, have fun!! <3 =^o^=

Cherry said...

I wish my siblings had come to visit me when I was there. O-hanami!! I'm so jealous. Have lots and lots of fun(and beer).