Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ichimame's Blog: Study Meeting

From Ichimame's blog: Ichimame at Ryuanji's famous rock garden.

Yesterday, the mothers (of the okiya), geisha, and maiko of Kamishichiken took a tour of Kyoto's famous places. One by one, we made are way around Ginkakuji (the Silver Pavillion), Kiyomizu Dera (temple), Nijo-jo (castle), and Ryuanji (temple). Nijo Castle's "Nightengale Corridor" left quite an impression on me. When I walked on it, the floor sang "Chun chun," like a nightengale, and I was a little frightened. If I had to walk on that at night, I'd be so scared I wouldn't be able to walk well at all!

I was also impressed by Ryuanji's mysterious rock garden. There are 15 stones, but no matter how you count, you can only see 14. The first time I counted only 14, but when I tried again there were 15. I was begining to wonder if there really were 15 stones, so when I found them all I was very happy.

I had a lot of fun, so I hope we have another study meeting like this again.


Sera said...

I remember that floor in Nijo castle. It was specifically designed that way so the Emperor could hear anyone who was coming!

songbird516- Sara said...

thanks for this translation! and the picture is lovely- it's amazing how much smaller the maiko look without the huge obi and hikizuri kimono!