Sunday, March 04, 2007

Baikasai: The Plum Blossom Festival

Bringing in the Spring with Blossoms and Tea

Ichimame prepares matcha (powdered green tea) as Naozome prepares to serve it to a guest.

A long line of geiko and maiko, easily distinguished by the way in which they wear their obi, bow as they serve tea to their guests.

Katsue and the many maiko and geiko of Kamishichikenserving tea to the guests.

Umeshizu and Umechika, geiko of Kamishichiken.

Ichimame performs tea ceremony with Naozome as ohikae.

Umeha and Umeshizu prepare, as Naozome offers tea to the guests.

Ichiteru, a young maiko from Ishikawa prefecture who decided to become a maiko after reading Ichimame's blog, prepares tea as another recently debuted maiko, Katsuryu, prepares to offer it to a guest.


courtney said...

It's amazing how close you get to them! I love the obi shot too! Thank you for writing the names of all the Maiko and Geiko, I make a little list myself of who is in what hanamachi, and so on. It's an addiction, that's for sure!

Sera said...

I just love all the orange obi! *drool*

What is temae?

Melissa said...

What I meant to write was ohikae, which is the maiko or geiko who takes part in the tea ceremony by watching, waiting,looking as pretty as possible (^-^) and then recieving the tea from the Otemae, (the "skilled artist" actually performing the tea ceremony)and delivering it to a customer.

(^-^) Owari desu! m(- -)m

shigatsuhana said...

Sugoi! These are fantastic pictures. I love to see photos of geiko. So often maiko steal the show, and geiko don't have their photos taken as much. Thank you! Did you see Mazi Sexton there? She was also taking photos.

Melissa said...

Shigatsuhana: Unfortunately, I don't actually know who Mazi Sexton is (ioi) I just recently found one of her images of Umechika just before she became a maiko. I'm sure we crossed paths there, but I haven't had the pleasure of actaully meeting her yet.I do look forward to seeing some of her images, though!

Alestane said...

I'm just back from a two days trip to Kyoto (from Tokyo) to see the dances (went to Miyako-odori and Kitano-odori, so I saw the geimaiko of these pictures in Kamishichiken).

Courtney, is your list online? I have the programs for the dances so I could help check/update for Kamishichiken and Gion Kobu.

kurokami_kanzashi said...

Hello there! I've been watching your amazing and informative photos for quite some time and I've recently come up with a question for you.

I'm trying to figure out which okiya my hikizuri belongs to and I have reason to believe it may be from Ichiteru's. I think I've seen her wearing the mon on her obi. I was wondering if you'd know for sure? Is her mon tsuta?

I'd really appreciate any help you could give me!

Thank you!

Melissa said...

Kurokami_Kanzashi: I will try to find out for you!

kurokami_kanzashi said...

Oh thank you very much!