Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ichimame's Blog: Buisness Trips

Ichimame among the plum blossoms of Kitano Tenmangu shrine.

Usually, we entertain customers in Japanese style rooms in tea houses, but sometimes we get to travel far away on buisness trips. When this happens, there is something that we bring with us to the lodging place, without fail. That is the takamakura ('high pillow', a specially shaped, hard pillow stand that supports the neck but leaves the hair untouched). This is because a normal pillow will ruin my hair style. But since hotels have soft, fluffy beds, the takamakura sinks into them and it's a bit difficult to sleep. But on buisness trips I get to go to many different places, so it's fun.


shigatsuhana said...

Miehina used a roll of toilet paper as a pillow when she stayed in England. This is a well-known maiko secret! :)

jesmeralda said...

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That would be excellent and greatly greatly appreciated! thank u so so much :)

Melissa said...

Shigatsu-chan! That is so cute (^-^) Thank you for sharing the secret! Now if only there was some way to tell Ichimame. Poor thing, carrying around that silly makura when all she needs is a good roll of TP! (^_<)

Jenny said...

TP, what a interesting thought.
Poor Ichimame >< dragging that makura along.

Claude Renault said...

Beautiful image, so well framed. I love those flowers on the side