Sunday, March 11, 2007

Is it Important to Have an ALT?

I asked the thirty-six third year students at my Beautiful Mountain School. Here is what they had to say:

I think it`s better if there is an ALT (if it`s Melissa).

ALTs are interesting! They keep the conversation flowing! I enjoyed it!

It`s better if there is an ALT. The lessons are easier to understand (with the ALT).

It is incredibly necessary, because we play games and learn about the ALT's country.

I think it is necessary. We can remember foreigner's pronunciation and speak at ease with the ALT.

Yes! The ALT is interesting (funny). I think using English and associating with foreigners is important.

I think it is very important because we can learn about the ALT"s country and culture (we can hear about celebrities and many different things that we don`t know about).

When an ALT is here, it is easy to study.

I think it is necessary. It is more interesting and fun when they are here.

There are many sounds (in English) that are diffcult for Japanese people to pronounce, so I think it is necessary to have an American or someone like that (a foreigner) in class.


The Oostyens said...

Melissa - these letters are wonderful! You have made a lot of people happy with your classes, your photos and your very informative blog. The land of ALTs needs more people like you!

Cherry said...

You're definitely gonna have the "ugly" cry when they leave. :( I know how it feels...

Todd said...

My favorites were the kid who "Wants You" and the one who emphasized his/her point with the smiling cat. A smiling cat says a lot, because they don't smile about just anything.

Abbey said...