Thursday, March 08, 2007

Graduation: Shikishi

A shikishi is a square piece of fancy card board used for autographs, calligraphy and poetry. At the end of the year, students usually sign them with a short message to their teachers, thanking them for the year. The 3rd year students at my Beautiful Mountain School presented this to me at the end of our last lesson on Thursday. I certainly wasn`t expecting it, and when I saw Takayo bringing it to the front of the classroom before we did the closing greetings, my eyes filled up with tears and I hid behind my JTE. They graduated today, and I cried all over again. I miss them already!


Abbey said...

Wow, looks like some of those boys really enjoyed their time with you! (I need you! I want you!)


Jenny said...

How nice <3 kawaii