Saturday, March 29, 2008

Back In Kyoto!

Takahiro! Hisashiburi! It's been a long time.

Peace from lantern-lit Miyagawa-cho! (*^_^*)v

Just checking in to let everyone know that after a few excellent days in Ena, we've finally arrived in Kyoto! Despite what these images might imply, we did not spend our first evening here chasing geisha, but we couldn't help running into them everywhere we went! The cherry blossoms are blooming, and hanami season, Gion's busiest, is in full swing.

Ichiwaka, one of the 13 new maiko that have made their debut so far this spring.

Takahiro, could you be any cuter?

Konomi: Kawaii!

Monday, March 17, 2008

ALTS Can Make a Difference!

A Letter From A Student

I recently received this email from one of my old students who graduated from junior high on March 11th.

Dear Melissa,

Hello,Melissa!¡¡How are you?¡¡Of course I'm fine!
Tank you for giving a e-mail. I was very glad!

I graduated from Kita Chuu,but I'll nevre forget a lot of things that I learnd from you.

I came to like learning English since you came to Kita Chuu. It is very interesteing for me to read, listen, and speak English.

You were always cheeful and kind. You always talked me kindly. I was glad to talked with you. And you tought me a lot. About songs, foods, places, and world problems... All was interesting for me. I always looked forward your English class. You came to Kita Chuu as ALT, so I was interested in International Relations. You gave me an oppotunity that I want to know many more things.

I don't have specal talent(*_*;) But I want to know a lot, so I studied hard.Only this.

Through studying English,I learned language. But I learned much more.
If I use only Japanese, I can't communicate wiht English-Speaking people. Now I can speak English a little, so I can communicate with many more people. I'm glad of it! So I want to study foreign language and culture more.

I'll enter Chukyo high school's International course. I can study English more. And I can go to Canada to study. I look forward to it very much!
My dream is to help people who suffer from war, hunger and ill... Therefore I must study more. I do my best for my dream!

May I send an e-mail again? You are my best teacher! I want you to teach me many things! And I want to teach you recent situation(^^)

Thank you for reading. See you again!


See! ALT's can make a difference!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kyo Odori 2008 : Posters

CORRECTION: Satonami and Kimiharu.

One of my favorites, Fukunao (purple), with Kikune (blue) and Fumisono.

This year's theme is "Hana Miyako Meijo no Ruiju" or "Collection of Famous Places of the Flower Capital."

I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to it!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sakura Forecast 2008

Japan's Meterological Agency just released it's predictions for the upcoming Hanami season!

According to their website:

JMA's prediction of cherry blossom blooming dates is conducted by applying the relationships between temperatures and blooming dates in previous years to the temperatures observed since last fall and those predicted in weekly, monthly and three-monthly forecasts.

After the crazy Cleveland winter I've been 'enjoying', I'm really looking forward to some good old hanami! Can I get an amen?

Ah, the joys of winter in Cleveland.

Ah, the joys of being the lucky JET who gets to visit the Beautiful Mountain School in spring.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sharin No Uta : English Translation : Bump of Chicken

Sharin No Uta : The Wheel Song

The rusty wheels make a shriek
Carrying our bodies to the station at dawn

As I peddle
The thing you transmit as you lean against my back
Is definite warmth

Up the hill along the train tracks
“A little more, just a bit further”
From behind your voice sounds like you’re having fun

The town is way too quiet
“It’s like we’re the only people in the world” you grumble softly
At the moment we reached the top of the hill
We were at a loss for words
The sunrise that welcomed us was way too beautiful

Then I think you laughed behind me
I couldn’t look back because I was crying

I don’t really know the town
The most expensive ticket on
First end of the ticket machine goes to

The cheapest of all, the platform ticket
Even though I’d use it immediately
I carefully put it away

The big bag you bought
The day before yesterday
Caught on the wicket and,
Unable to pass through, you looked at me

I nodded without meeting your eyes
And my hand freed the bag’s stubbornly caught cord

The resounding bell announces the end
The door opens only for you
Having stepped forward,
One step with more distance than many thousands, you say

"I promise! We’ll definitely meet again some day!"
Unable to answer, with my eyes cast down, I waved my hand

You... You weren't wrong that time...

Down the hill along the train tracks,I fly
Faster than the wind
I catch up with you and
The rusty wheel shrieks
With all my might, I line up with the train but
It slowly gets further away

You were crying, weren’t you
On the other side of the door
Even though I didn’t see your face,
I knew because your voice was shaking

I promise. We’ll definitely meet again someday
As you got further away,
I made a big wave with my hand so that you could see

The town was bustling but
“It’s like I’m the only person in the world” I grumbled softly

The rusty wheels shriek
Left behind, I’m carried along
A faint warmth