Monday, March 17, 2008

ALTS Can Make a Difference!

A Letter From A Student

I recently received this email from one of my old students who graduated from junior high on March 11th.

Dear Melissa,

Hello,Melissa!¡¡How are you?¡¡Of course I'm fine!
Tank you for giving a e-mail. I was very glad!

I graduated from Kita Chuu,but I'll nevre forget a lot of things that I learnd from you.

I came to like learning English since you came to Kita Chuu. It is very interesteing for me to read, listen, and speak English.

You were always cheeful and kind. You always talked me kindly. I was glad to talked with you. And you tought me a lot. About songs, foods, places, and world problems... All was interesting for me. I always looked forward your English class. You came to Kita Chuu as ALT, so I was interested in International Relations. You gave me an oppotunity that I want to know many more things.

I don't have specal talent(*_*;) But I want to know a lot, so I studied hard.Only this.

Through studying English,I learned language. But I learned much more.
If I use only Japanese, I can't communicate wiht English-Speaking people. Now I can speak English a little, so I can communicate with many more people. I'm glad of it! So I want to study foreign language and culture more.

I'll enter Chukyo high school's International course. I can study English more. And I can go to Canada to study. I look forward to it very much!
My dream is to help people who suffer from war, hunger and ill... Therefore I must study more. I do my best for my dream!

May I send an e-mail again? You are my best teacher! I want you to teach me many things! And I want to teach you recent situation(^^)

Thank you for reading. See you again!


See! ALT's can make a difference!


Abbey said...

You're Awesome!

I know you were a star in the classroom - when you had the chance, anyway! But you were a star outside the classroom too. I still wear my mental WWMD bracelet! I wish more ALTs realized the importance of our presence and the power of just chatting and playing with the kids, even when we're not in class.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful letter!

I am here from San Francisco (3/18-25) and would love to hear from you on special things to do in tokyo & kyoto. I love your photos of the festivals and thank you for sharing them.

Your blog captures so clearly what I also love about Japan!~

would love to hear from you!
michelle king

Sera said...

Melissa, that is so awesome!

What a wonderful letter, I feel all warm and fuzzy just reading it! You should keep in touch with this cutie! ;)

alyson said...

Yay for ALTs!

One of my grade 11s today told me I was their favorite teacher... it's a rocking feeling!

Anonymous said...


What beautiful pictures and what a beautiful letter from your former student. It brought tears to my eyes and WOW how many lives you have touched in Japan.

Very proud.

Anonymous said...

It's a real precious present if you like,.. illuminated a child's heart. It's something very beautiful.