Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kyo Odori 2008 : Posters

CORRECTION: Satonami and Kimiharu.

One of my favorites, Fukunao (purple), with Kikune (blue) and Fumisono.

This year's theme is "Hana Miyako Meijo no Ruiju" or "Collection of Famous Places of the Flower Capital."

I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to it!


bibsmr said...

my favorite is the fist one with Satonami and Kimika. the vibrant red background is fabulous.

You will be there for their shows won't you? :D I hope you have a lot of fun there ^^

alyson said...

Can't wait to see pictures!!

tell me what you saw said...

I always wonder how you can remember the names of all of them ! :)

Are you going to be in Japan to see it?

Dominik Anita said...

Im living in Kyoto and I want to see Kyo Odori very badly, but I have no idea where to buy the tickets (mostly cuz my japanese is really bad), can you post the info on how to get the tickets if possible , Id really really apreciate it.