Sunday, May 18, 2008

SNL: Japanese Version of The Office (with Translation)

Most of The Office's fans probably already know that the popular American zitcom is actually a remake of a British comedy. In this hillarious digital short from Saturday Night Live, the creator of the original British version, Ricky Gervais, explains how he was inspired by a Japanese TV show.


Pam: Hello. Dunder Mifflin. This is Pam.

Micheal: Pamo Pamo Pamo Pamoooooooo-san.

Pam: Micheal. What is it?

Micheal: Just being original.


Micheal: I am the funniest boss in Japan. (Coffee cup reads: Funniest boss in the world).

Jim: (calling Dwight) Where's the stapler?

Dwight: (Finding the stapler in a blob of Jello) Fool!

Micheal: What's going on?

Dwight, Jim, Pam: (Bowing to Micheal) Please excuse me. Please excuse me. Please excuse me. Please, excuse me.

(Princess Tampon commercial)

Micheal: I am the regional manager.

Dwight: I am the assistant regional manager.

Micheal: The regional manager's assistant! Why are you up here? Ok! Let's exercise!

Pam: Everyone really loves when Micheal messes up!

Micheal: Well, it was a good day. We did a good job. What do you think (to the bobble head)? Yes, yes, yes!


Dwight: Cheers!

(Produced by Souya Sara and Souya Hana)


rinoajaguar said...

thanks for the translation :). I'm actually learning Japanese right now and their pronunciation along with the giggling made it difficult to understand some parts. I'm glad I understood most of the though :D

Abbey said...

Hil-ar-i-ous! I love Steve Carell's Chinese accent. Too much. Consensus: he redeemed himself this time.

Anonymous said...

Lol. I think you mean American accent? He was also speaking Japanese.