Friday, February 23, 2007

Twilight in Gion

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A beautiful, first year maiko ready to cross the street on the corner of Shijo and the Hanamikouji.

Another first year maiko weaving in and out of traffic and tourists on her way to the evening's first appointment.

Ayakazu, now in her second year ,adjusts the long, flowing sleeves of her kimono as she heads off to work for the evening. A shikomi, or apprentice maiko, carries her bag for her. Note the traditional "Stich" handbag accessory (*^o^*)


Abbey said...

What I like about the Stitch picture is that it shows that even though they are admired and adored and seen and treated as something more than your everyday human, under all that makeup and dress, they're young women too!

Anonymous said...

You always have such beautiful pictures. I'm a big fan of yours! Do you know the name of the maiko in the first picture? She is lovely.

Melissa said...

Anonymous: I think it'd Kosen, but I'm not 100% sure! She is striking though,isin't she? (^-^)/