Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Somewhere in Nagano...
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Am I prancing?

No. I`m jumping for joy, slightly over-excited about stumbling upon these snow-covered, terraced rice fields, the perfect excuse to take a break from the narrow, winding road we called "The Intestines".

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Rockin` the macket (macket = man jacket) with my broken wrists. Yes it is a man`s jacket, and yes we did actually see a man wearing the same one on our trip to Matsumoto. No, I am not a man.

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Nijia style! Hi-ya!

Abbey prepares for lift off...


Abbey said...

I think perhaps worse than a man, the person we saw wearing that jacket was actually a junior high school boy.

And... it's on!

Sera said...

Those photos are so cute and fun! :)