Monday, February 12, 2007


Two geiko dressed as a town girl and man from the Edo period.

Risshun Setsubun, the parting of winter and spring, was traditionally somthing like a New Year's Eve and Halloween combined. To start the new year off right, Japanese people performed a number of rituals to cleanse the old year of evil and misfortune, and keep it away in the year to come. People even dressed up in costumes to trick the evil spirits into thinking they were someone, or something, else.

This tradition carries on in the hanamachi, or geiko districts, of Kyoto. Once a year, geisha dress up in costumes and entertain their customers as Disney Princesses, Playboy Bunnies, samurai...Whatever they wish.

A feudal princess and samurai.

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Remember Mamechika? Here she is as a geiko (purple kimono), enjoying Setsubun with her boombox (^-^)/

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Geiko dressed in white wedding kimono.


Abbey said...

I want to see the princesses!!

Melissa said...

I know, I know! Everyone wants to see the princesses! I want to see the princesses...But ye old camera hath not a flash, hence the lack of princess picture.

gomen ne m(- -)m

shigatsuhana said...

I love these photos and love that purple yabane kimono! Gee what a surprise! Also love the samurai! :)

Todd said...

All I noticed was that they were all carrying ghetto blasters (okay, maybe suburb blasters).

Big ups to the Japanese versions of Radio Rahim.

Jenny said...

They look so great in thei costumes.

Courtney said...

Aw, my favorite Geiko Koai is in the 3rd picture, in the middle and dressed as a Samurai!