Saturday, February 10, 2007

More Scenes from Setsubun

The maiko of Gion Higashi, in order of rank: Masayo, Tsunemomo, Umeha, Kanoaki, Miharu.

A priest summons the maiko of Gion Higashi (one of Kyoto's five hanamachi, or geiko entertainment districts) to the stage of Yasaka Shrine to be blessed before the mamemaki (bean-throwing) ceremony.

Before the mamemaki ceremony, Gion's Taiko group takes the stage.

Mission Mamemaki accomplished! The girls make their exit.

The mix of ancient tradition and ultra-modern technology: This is Japan!

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Abbey said...

Neat! The last two are my favorites. I'd tell you why, but it would be cliche!

WV: ceeyw. See youuuu!