Tuesday, August 01, 2006

BLEACH Rocks! (^o^) ♪

Just a little somethin' somthin' to break the monotony of Gion Matsuri: The second opening of BLEACH: D-Technolife, by UVERWORLD. I tried to put up the karaoke-style version, but I'm experiencing techo- Difficulties. Until then, here's my own personal translation:

You've been hurt by unspeakble pain and sadness
Try to carry the burden of the unerasable past
Don't throw away your life!

I held your hand...

Will I lose you someday I wonder...
I want to protect your fading smile, and you.

Even if the resounding voice that calls me withers
Even if its erased by the winds that come with time


You, who's been hurt by unspeakable pain and sadness

Don't say things like "I can't laugh" or "I hate people"

There's meaning in everything that will happens in the future we can't see

You're fine just as you are

There will definately come a time when you realize it.

You and me, True as spoken.

Because someday we'll understand each other.


dj crazy carlamae said...

i am so glad to here from you. i would love to come to japan when i finish the cruise contract i really want to go to japan. please get a job in photography. please. you are amazing and i miss you a ton..... thank you for being my roomie and i thank god that we got to meet. love you and miss you meli-mel!!

Melissa said...

Aloha shipmate Carlamae(^0^)/ Thank you for putting up with me as your roommate! I don't think I could have been more blessed. God definately brought us together for a reason! (^-^) Hope you come visit me real soon-like (^_<)