Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Flower Procession: Gion Matsuri

Maiko from Miyagawa-cho being pulled through Kyoto by young men from their neighborhood.
I'm sure you're all sick of seeing pictures from Gion Matsuri, but I just can't help myself! I'll try to write more later...Until then just enjoy the view from here (^_<)

Young women carrying their hanagasa, straw hats covered with fake paper flowers, seek shelter beneath their umbrellas.

Kanazuru, a maiko from Miyagawa-cho.

A young White Herron Dancer giggling as she ran for cover from the relentless rain.

A maiko from Gion.

A shrine maiden of Yasaka Jinja tries to keep her hanagasa in place.


Blog's Author said...
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Abbey said...

Yeah.... about those love messages... Anyway, watched 91, even got it in RAW form so I can watch without subs later (you should look into those)... Another gratuitous and fruitless use of bankai, which was disappointing, but he did look cool. In other news, I suppose I'm happy with the way things are progressing, as long as the Bounto get their ketsu kicked.

Inge said...

I never get sick of the Goin photos, they're all amazing! Keep on posting them :-).

Inge said...

I obviously meant Gion... ;-)

Sera said...

Melissa, I'll NEVER tire of your gorgeous geisha photos! They are so beautiful and I get to semi experience these majectic creatures through them.


Jenny said...

I'll never get tired of the pictures, I absolutely love them ^^

patty said...

The one picture of the maiko, second from last in the post, is amazing. She looks like a doll!

Ian said...

Man, I am so jealous of your photos. I just stumbled in here, but glad I did. Saw a little bit of Gion Matsuri, but had a bad spot and was getting rained on thoroughly - seeing your photos, now I feel like I saw a lot more. Thanks!!! Greetings from Hyogo (^-^)

Abbey said...

92 is out in RAW form... just finished Ye Olde Downeloade... tomorrow there will be a new sub for me... better not be anything stupid

iKat said...

first, thanks for dropping by the "footsies" page.

second, i'm glad i took the time to visit your page.

third and last, more!more!more!

your photos are so refreshingly amazing.

thanks for sharing.