Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cambodia: Here I Come!

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A beautiful Miko, or shrine maiden, wearing a hanagasa (a hat decorated with fake flowers) during Gion Matsuri.

I'm on my way to Cambodia and I won't be back until the 31st... Just in time for the never-ending Sports Festival practice, also known around here as the second term of the Japanese junior high school year. Unfortunately, I'm going to miss some prime matsuri time (festival season), but at least I made it to Gion Matsuri this year, even if it did rain everyday! Here's a few more images from the archives...

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Actually, the rain was a good thing. Yay for Japanese umbrellas!

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This little White Herron Dancer was interviewed after performing at Yasaka Shrine, but she wasn't the only one. A Gaijin's (foreigner's ) impressions of Gion Matsuri, tonight at 5! Thats what makes the news in a country with a comparatively low crime rate (^_<)


Inge said...

Have an amazing second trip to Cambodia, I can't wait to read your travel tales and see your magical photos! Greetings from rainy Belgium (I'm missing several great matsuri too...) :-)

Lindizzy said...

AAAAHHH!!! You're back in Cambodia?!! my, how jealous I am... that place is such an adventure...are you gonna adopt one of those kids like Angelina did Maddox? Don't forget to try the "Tomb Raider" cocktail!

hpeters said...

u look after u'self in cambodia !