Monday, August 14, 2006

Destination Cambodia: 4 Days and counting!

Could it be?
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Is that Angelina Jolie? Sadly,no. It's only me (although the resemblence is startling). I've always been a bit of a tree- hugger, but I think this sudden outburst of affection was the due to the realization that I had finally found a place where I could live out my childhood dream of being Indiana Jones. Angkor Thom, Cambodia.


pAnDaR~ said...

lol i have also been quite a bit of a tree hugger myself :) nice to see you finding a giant tree to hug :P

your pictures are starting to make me itch and get myself a yukata (since i can't afford a full kimono). i still haven't quite figure out if there's supposed to be those "underwear" type of stuff underneath a yukata as well, or they can be ignored?

Melissa said...

Pandar: There is something of an under robe, but most people don't bother to wear one(^-^)Wow....can you put a yukata on yourself? That is one of my goals: to learn how to dress myself in Kimono and Yukata before I leave Japan!

pAnDaR~ said...

i haven't actually got round to trying if i could do it. but it seems fairly easy (many descriptions on the web). it's really just the tying myself up bits that might drive my up the wall.

it's just a lighter version of kimono, not necessarily easier :)