Thursday, September 29, 2005

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

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The legendary origins of Angkor Wat (or Capital Temple), according to locals, lie in the story of Preah Ket Melea, son of the king of heaven and a mortal woman. The gods complained that he smelled, and asked his father to send him down to Earth. The king agreed, offering his son the opportunity to have an exact replica of any edifice in heaven erected on Earth with the help of the celestial architect (whom villagers still invoke whenever a building is constructed). A modest man, Preah Ket Melea chose the stable. An ox was released onto the plain of Angkor and the place where it layed down became Heaven on Earth: Angkor Wat.


Joel Alfaro said...

I enjoy your backstory / information on the locations you show.

Se ve precioso.

Anonymous said...

Wow...lucky you.
This picture is amazing. One of the few unique shots I've seen of Angkor Wat.

Lux said...

That's facinating pic. Hope u'll back to Cam again