Sunday, September 11, 2005

Tono Crew Conquers Mount Ena

At 2190 meters, Mount Ena is listed as one of the top 100 hikes in Japan. (The view from near my apartment last spring).

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Following the Nakatsugawa river back to its source...

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The narrow trail winds its way through thick, green vegetation.

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What trail, you ask?

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Just follow the slippery, moss covered rocks uphill for, oh, let's say 2,189 meters!

Along the way, don't forget to stop and smell the fungi!

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The view from the summit, after 3 and 1/2 hours of hardcore hiking. Somewhere, tucked beneath the folds of those mountains, is my home.

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J looks remarkably excited about the prospect of sliding down Ena on his oshiri as he slips over the edge.

The tough kids who climbed Mount Ena, and lived to tell the tale.


Elisa said...

como siempre.... tu fotos son realmente alucinantes :) q lindos los paisajes, si hasta parece q uno respira el aroma del bosque a traves del teclado jejejejeje

Joel Alfaro said...

Super super cool. As Calvin's dad would say "these hikes build character!".

Loved the pictures!

golfer said...

good grief! wish the view from my window was as great!! excellent pic`s. i have one regret, not being there to climb that HILL with YOU.YOU must work vary hard at YOUR leisure!!! me too.

Patrick Leong said...

wow. that does look adventurous. have you climbed fuji-san ? i am heading to kyushu this weekend. when are you going to cambodia ? do you have interest to go to beijing ? in november ?

mom said...

Beautiful pictures and scenery. Looks like you guys had a great time.. another adventure. Wish we could have been there to share the experience. Enjoy!

Melissa said...

Elisa-chan! Arigatou! El aire alli fue verdaderamente fresco,dulce y delicioso! fue una escalada muy dificil, y me senti come fue a morir :) entonces, no pudi tomar fotos por nada, ademas de respirar! Cuando deje de escalar, los pies no dejan de estremecer! todavia me duele el cuerpo... Pero voy a escalar una montana mas grade en octubre! :)

Joel: Yeah, it built character alright! Im still sore, and its Wensday! But now I am addicted, and I cant wait to climb me next mountain...Ontake-san, here I come!

Golfer! The whole way up I was thinking that you should have been there! You would have loved it! It made me think of all our adventures in the woods...and getting lost! Remember that time before I came to Japan...Where was that? Or in Canada? Hahahaa....On the way down it started pouring and i did some hard-core trail running like we used to do in the metroparks, only straight down slope over slippery, loose rocks. It was great! I wish you were here!

Patrick: I haven't climbed Fuji-san, but my friends did and said it was much easier that Ena-san! I think its because so many people climb it, its totally tame. Im still going to try to climb it, though! Have you? I leave for Cambodia on Saturday! :) I cant wait! And I would love to go to Beijing...Are you going? Kyushu?! JEALOUS!!

Mom:It was awesome! You know me! I love playing outside in the woods! The view from the ridge was amazing, looking down through the the clouds at the layers of mountains fading back into blue...I hope you can come back again soon!