Monday, September 12, 2005

Modern Maiko

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A maiko checks in with her Okiya on her ketai, or mobile phone, as she strolls Shijo-dori with her Yakuza-looking patron during Gion Matsuri's Yoiyama. A few geiko followed behind. (The Yakuza is like the Japanese mafia).


aki said...

I like the title^o^ I have a question... Does Yakuza involve Maiko business??? sorry I don't anything of Maiko..>_<

Melissa said...

I dont think the Yakuza have anything to do with the buisness of maiko, but they may have the means $$ and connections to become clients. For some reason, I doubt it. I dont know if this guy was a yakuza...I didnt see any tatoos, and all his fingers were intact,but he sure looked the part!

Lindizzy said...

wow, great photo. Whatta pimp! I can't waaait to see Memoirs of a Geisha! I'll hafta find a pirated copy and send it to you. It looks sooooo good! And where she's walking around under the cherry blossoms, it totally reminds me of our journey! I keep Kyoto close to my will be a journey down memory lane. My parents made me promise to see it with them.