Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Anpan Man Begins...

The story of Japan's most beloved super-hero snack-man.

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Anpan (あんパン) is a Japanese bread (or pan, as it was introduced to Japan by the Portuguese,) filled with sweet, red bean paste- the secret to Anpanman's super-snack strength!

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Uncle Jam's bread factory nestled in a forest..."Let's make living bread!"
"This time will it will really work!"
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Dear God, please give us living bread...That night....
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In a distant sky, a Star of Life was born.

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....The bread is baked!.........Waaaaah!
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Living bread! Come to Dada...Walk... Ah! He can fly!

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He got bigger and bigger and became Anpan-man. "I'm going to help the hungry!"
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Someone is crying! Go for it, Anpan-man!
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It's coming from the bottom of the valley...Who's that?

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"Baikin-man, arch- enemy of justice! I was born to fight you! "
"Until we meet again, Baikin!"

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I'm coming...come on! You're OK! Eat this! It will make you feel better!
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"Yummy Woof! "...."Let's call you cheese!"

The Original Anpanman Cast:

Uncle Jam, the kindly old baker who made and raised Anpanman, and replenishes his sweet-bean strength.

Batako, Uncle Jam's young, female assistant.

Cheese, their adopted puppy.

Anpanman, the super-hero snack man fighting hunger with his delicious sweet-bean filling.

Baikinman, a dirty germ, and arch-enemy of anpanman.


Luke Elliot said...

Sniff, your mountain is better than my mountain (:_;) You know, for some reason Anpan-man could never win my affection (even though I love the real snack). Even Bun-Bun the flying car rated higher in my childhood ratings.

Patrick Leong said...

although i prefer calvin and hobbes and garfield and in terms of japanese cartoon, i still enjoy doraemon, but i like your current posting on the ampan man. nice pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hey I really wanna try anpan it looks sooo delicious... Though ive heard bad reviewsof it LOL...Go Anpan Man!!!!

P.S. Those who like AnPan Man, you should check out Yakitate!! Japan... It's awsome and it's also to do with B.R.E.A.D... ;)