Sunday, June 22, 2008

Reese Witherspoon's Tokyo Tea

Actress Reese Witherspoon enjoys taking part in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, an activity thought to capture the spirit of healing the mind, body and soul.

Hollywood leading lady Reese Witherspoon was recently in Japan promoting breast cancer awareness as an Avon Global Ambassador. While in Tokyo she had the opportunity to participate in an intimate tea ceremony with breast cancer survivors, dressed in an beautiful powder blue kimono by Midori Yogi, who's family has dressed the Imperial Family for weddings since 1952.

I just wanted to share this beautiful kimono with everyone. I think the wistful color and playful design suited her perfectly.

As an after thought, isin't it slightly disappointing that even members of the Imperial Family can't dress themselves in kimono?

Why does it have to be so difficult? (>.<)


bibsmr said...

if you are member of the imperial family... isn't it normal that you don't dress yourself and have pple dress you? :D

if they would have to dress themselves in all those kimono layers (like they used to in the past...) i would be very happy to have somebody dress me. ^___^

i wish i could dress in kimono... T_T

Abbey said...

Word up, bibsmr, having someone dress you in a kimono is super fun. Like being a princess!

Reese Witherspoon is so kawaii! I'm not a fan of gaijin in kimono, but she looks great, and it is a beautiful kimono. However, apparently she never toured Tokyo with Todd, for had she done so, she would have learned not to face the camera directly when having her picture taken! ^_<


Anonymous said...

If the Last Emperor of China never learnt to tie his shoe laces what hope is there for the Japanese Imperial family :-)

peter01 said...

hey maz, i thought you would have the youtube version up on your site :-DDD

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

I totally agree that Reese is Kawaii. The embroidery on that kimono is nothing short of spectacular - but I guess you'd expect nothing less:-)

supris said...

nice info yach....:D

supris said...

nice info yach...:D

Taís said...

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CaRinn said...

That Kimono is lovely!
i am ok at dressing myself in my Kimono (its technically a yukata).. but i really do better at dressing other people in them, especially my dolls! ^^

Kitty Cheung said...

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Yordie Sands said...

This is a wonderful blog. I've spent the past couple of hours browsing. Again and again, I'm learned new things about the world of the geisha. It's like getting letters with photos from a great friend living in Japan. I can wait for your next blog entry. Hugzzz, Yordie Sands

Himitsu said...

Congrats for the blog! I find it so great, I've added to my blog's links. I'll try to visit everytime I can.

Himitsu said...

Congrats for your blog! I find it so great, I've added to my blog's links. I'll visit it everytime I can.


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Aya Smith said...

Kimono can be quite difficult @_@ Sometimes I nail it, and then other times it gives me such difficulty.

Even some of my Japanese family members have difficulty... ;v_v;

Reese Wither spoon looks very lovely in Kimono!

Sarah said...

While I'm pretty sure Reese Witherspoon is technically too old to be wearing a furisode (despite the fact that she is now unmarried), she looks absolutely adorable in this ensemble. I wouldn't say she looks old at all, but the kimono really makes her look incredibly youthful, like she's 20 years old again. Very, very cute! said...

haha so sweet :) tryin to be japanese!

Learn Japanese said...

The kimono looks pretty cute on her. I wish my wife would wear one. She is Japanese.

Fazri said...

beautiful kimono.. very-very good

Japanese DIL said...

Lovely Tomesode Kimono on Reese and she does look kawaii, but as a married/divorced woman she should not be wearing a Tomesode. Those are for single young women...a coming of age Kimono.

Someone commented in an earlier "comment" that she should not be facing straight on. This is true. She should be angled towards the camera and she should have her feet, one slightly back, close together and toes pointed slightly inwards.

As far as not being able to dress ones self in Kimono, as long as all the proper undergarments and properly stiffened eri is attached to the nagajuban, or separately as an azuma eri over a hadajuban are used, a few lessons and a fair amount of agility, you can learn to dress yourself in Kimono. Yukata is very, very simple compared to Kimono.

Actually the proper tying of the Obi and the use of obiage with Makura is probably more difficult then the donning of the Kimono.

learn chinese said...

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