Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pontocho Maiko : Spring 2008

Kyoto Rewind : April 6, 2008

Ichiemi, now a high ranking maiko in the Pontocho district, greets the mistress of a teahouse during a small cherry blossom festival along the Takase Canal.

Ichiemi looks every bit the stylish, sophisticated young woman in this stunning lavender kimono ensemble. Even her adorably child-like cheeks have thinned out.


The long, fluttering strands cherry blossoms hanging from Shinaju's hanakanzashi, or flowered hair ornament, testify to her low rank and inexperience as a maiko, appealing instead to her youth and child-like charm. Compare it with Ichiharu's above, who is of a slightly higher rank.

Hisano, now a geiko, and Ichiemi walk beneath the lacey veil of cherry blossoms along the Takase canal as sunlight falls in playful patterns along the pavement.

As if Ichiemi's lavendar kimono wasn't enough. Coupled with this remarkable pastel obi, colored with the sweet, pastel pallet of spring, this ensemble quickly became my favorite this season.


bibsmr said...

yes, that lavendar kimono is just wonderful and it really matches her. she is slowly becoming a beautiful woman, and loosing her girly/childish features...

wonderful pictures melissa! ;)

Myloko said...

Her kimono is simply stunning! It's so nice to see that Hisano has finally turned her collar as well! I forsee her to be a very popular and skilled geiko in the future :)

Du RĂªve said...

Hello. I came over after seeing some of your remarkable pics on flickr. I stumbled upon one of your comments in one of Okinawa Soba's vintage Geisha pics and, well, after seeing these unbelievably beatiful shots, I just had to congratulate you and to tell you how envious I am of you for being able to witness this scenes. Thank you and please, do keep up with your great job.
If you don't mind, I'd like to add a link to this page to my blog.


Anonymous said...

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