Thursday, June 19, 2008

The 59th Kyo Odori 2008

The maiko Satonami performs in the opening scene with the geiko Chiyoe and Kanachisa.

With the passing of a winter that was more severe than most, the now-greening mountains and perfumed winds seem particularly glorious. In this refreshing season graced by gentle spring sunlight, we are once again proud to present our annual Kyo Odori.

We would like to express our gratitude to all of you who found time in your busy schedules to attend today's performance, which begins with a song-accompanied dance performed by our charming geiko and maiko in a traditional Miyagawa-cho zashiki room. Then performance then goes on to portray in a poetic manner each of the four seasons in Kyoto, with the beauty of the scenes to be found on mountains and in plains depicted through evocative dance.

Much assiduous practice and rehersal has gone into this year's event. After having viewed the fruits of our labor, any comments that you might have on our performance would be greatly appreciated...

I hereby express, on behalf of everyone at the Miyagawa-cho Kabukai, the sincere hope that you enjoy the wonderful spectacle that is the 59th Kyo Odori.

(Excerpt from the Kyo Odori Program)

From left to right, maiko Kimiha, Satonami, and Miyoharu.

The maiko Satonami.

The maiko Tanewaka performs "A Brilliant Brocade of Chrysanthemums".

Kimiharu, little sister to one of Kyoto's most popular and beautiful maiko, Kimika.

Kikutsuru performs in Kyo Odori for the first time as a geiko after turning her collar in June of 2007.

In a scene from the Tale of Genji, the geiko Fumimari dances in Heian period robes as Ukifune.

The celebrated dancer Fumicho performs her solo, a constant in the Kyo Odori program.

The geiko Chizuru as an Edo period courtesean in "The Tale of Princess Takiyasha".

Maiko take center stage in a brilliant display of color, beauty, and grace during the Miyagawa-cho Ondo Song and Dance.


Abbey said...

Tanewaka has such a beautiful profile... is she as pretty from the front? I like the last one too - it's a great upward angle.

Miss you!

M.Kate said...

absolutely beautiful, it is my wish to see them in person one day. You are a lucky person.

Anonymous said...

I just love the picture of Tanewaka, she looks so graceful! And frankly... I love Edo period kimonos. *sigh*

But my favorite is Kimiharu... she looks so sweet and has such a wonderful name! ^^

Hope you had fun! (even if I am sure you did!)


Du Rêve said...

I am more than amazed by your fabulous pictures. You combine both beautiful themes with great photography skills. Please don't ever stop taking photos like these. Greetings from Mexico.

Por lo que veo en tu perfil, también sabes español. Aprovecho, pues, para enviarte un nuevo saludo en la lengua del Quijote hasta la lejana tierra de los haikus.

Remy said...

Simply amazing, Melissa! Beautiful images. The shot of Kikutsuru is stunning.

ParisBreakfasts said...

Very beautiful photos Melissa...
A delight to have found you!

bibsmr said...

beautiful pictures. i love the one of Fumicho ( adore that kimono *___*) and the one of Satonami.

Kikutusuru was looking straight at you :D lucky! ;)

alyson said...

I've never read the Tale of Genji... but I did just finish the Tale of Murasaki - so, yay for my getting the Ukifune reference!

la_mode_et_la_cigarette said...

So pretty! i'm glad i found your blog!

Alois said...

Great pictures! I will go there soon, is it allowed to take pictures? A permission is needed?