Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Kyoto Maiko: Fukunami

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Fukunami (ふく奈美さん), high-ranking Maiko of Miyagawa-cho, dancing in the grand finale of Kyo Odori.


Big Bro said...

hey 'liss, it's christopher.
just stopped by to see what's new and say hi. about that maiko, isn't the kyo odori in gion or is it called by another name? I must have them mistaken in my mind 'cause I was wonderin what a girl from miyagawa cho would be doin in another district's dance.

Melissa said...

Oh brother, Thou art confused greatly. Fukunami is from Miyagawa-cho, hence her appearance Miyagawa-cho`s dance, the Kyo Odori. Gion`s dance is called Miyako Odori. Confusing it is. Both Miyagawa-cho and Gion are in Kyoto, but they are separate districts.

ÅNG€L said...

Hello !
Jumping blogs i find yours , and i really like this picture of a Geisha.
Greetings from Angel.