Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pooping on Gion : Geisha Beware!

Japan's wealthy playboys and camera-toting tourists are not the only ones drawn to the soft, red glow of Gion's paper lanters. Kyoto's most famous hanamachi, or geisha entertainment district, is also the preferred hangout of murders of young crows!

(Narrator): "Gion is crowded with people, but they're all worried about what's overhead..."

(Geisha Customer): "I was just saying, right? (maiko: Yes, you were.) You have to be careful with good kimono.

Geisha: That's right.

(Maiko in green, Yukako): "It's nasty, isin't it! Lately its always falling right before my eyes. I can't stand it!

(Narrator): Just then...

It's raining poop! An innocent bystander is splatter with white bird droppings!

(Maiko): Oh no! You went out (from under the covered walkway).

(Geisha): I was suprised! Onii-san (big brother),the timing! Poor thing!

(Poor thing): It doesn't come out!

(Geiko): But it's dangerous over there, too. There are so many (birds) up there.

(Narrator): And again... (Another poop bomb splatters the pavement).

Blah, blah, blah... I just thought that first bit was hilarious! Especially since I have seen people fall victim to the occasional poop bomb, although I myslef have yet to be targeted. (^_^)x <--- That's me keeping my fingers crossed.

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Anonymous said...

yukako's voice is so soft! i never expected it to be like that! ^^ thank you for finding this video and sharing it here.

quite funny and unexpected video about gion