Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Made of Japan : I ♥ Onitsuka Tigers!

How cool is this ad art for Onitsuka, inspired by Japanese wood block prints with Japanese proverbs. On the left: "Deception is like a monkey. It's only a matter of time before it bites you". On the right: "Debating with a fool is like spitting on a fish. It's best not to bother." Can I get an Amen?

Lately a lot of visitors to my little blog here have been coming over from the awesome concept ad site, Made of Japan. A classic mosaic Onitskua (AKA Asics in the US,) made up of thousands of images from over 150 Nippon-centric© blogs. True to the Onitsuka motto, the shoes are literally Made of Japan! As you roll over the mosaic, tiny windows pop up showing the image and proving a link back to it's source.

One of my images of Kikutsuru, then maiko of the Miyagawa district.

Another image of a few of my students.

Ever since my super-rad, high school cheerleading days I've been a uber-fan of Asics, which weren't exactly considered cool at the time. Must of been the Japanese sensitivites laying dormant within me, silently drawing me towards my destiny as a full-fledge Japanophile. Imagine my excitement when I came to Japan and realized they were actually Japanese- with a lot more style and a way cooler name to boot!

I also love that they've taken "Made of Japan", something I always assumed to be a Japanglish phrase, and made it meaningful. Rockstars, all of them!

Onitsuka Tigers are MADE OF JAPAN!



I just want to say hello - From Brazil...Your blogs has very nice pics from Japan...


Jane said...

Melissa, I have nominated your blog for a 'Make my Day' award.


Abbey said...

YOU'RE AWESOME! Wow, I can always say I knew you when...

In a related story, I called you a couple times yesterday to say

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but you must have been out celebrating with the crib.

Talk to you later, flavor!

Abbey said...

Another question.. ok, well, the first:

Are the first two ads by Wakamatsu Kaori, the one who did the art on those postcards we bought?