Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tuk-Tuk Tour: Battambang

August 2006: Our friendly countryside tour guides, at the pre-Angkorian ruins of Phnom Ek. Sammuth, Ratha and Cham Reourn: The Monkey Crew (or part of it), as they refer to themselves.

Ratha and Sammuth share a laugh about my fortune, which they translated for me: "Soon I will find the love of my life and be married within two years." This after the first one warned me to be careful about traveling. Have I mentioned the moto-burn/toothpaste incident?

Sammuth smiling about my good fortunes in the colorful interior of Mount Sampoa's pagoda.

While climbing up to one of the mountain top temples near Battambang, Chamreourn noticed a Jasmine (frangipangi) flower lying on the ground and bent down to pick it up. He sat down, spinning it in his hand, smelling its sweet fragrance and thinking.

Chamreurn taking a well-deserved rest in a hammock.


Anonymous said...

some nice pics.from 8-6.I really like your writing.hows the burn ,what happen to the toothpaste! or did this happen on your last trip?

Cristina said...

Hi! I loooooove your pictures, you are a very nice photographer!
My name is Cristina and I'm updating my geisha site Geigi Gakko ( I want to add some photos to some graphics and I would like to put some of your maiko pictures from Kikutsuryu, Suzuha, and some more. I can't publish the graphics if I have no permission from you, so that's why I ask you. :) I wrote you a Flickr mail some weeks ago about this same thing. Please, answer me to this e-mail adress: or in these comments. Thank you very much. Kind regards,


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Melissa!

As always and never without fail, thank you so much for the last few posts. You always seem to bring the far east so much closer home and its nice to learn from someone with such curiousity and a gift for writing.


Anonymous said...

When I first saw these yesterday, I thought you'd found some pictures...

I just have one thing to say:
You are a qartpoxr (old WV) and a dmwsohr (new WV, thank you Beta...)!

Anonymous said...

great shots