Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Shakai no Mado: Your Social Window

Transalation: Shakai no mado: Social window, society's window.

Welcome to the ever-interesting world of Japanese idiomatic expressions. I don't care how good your Japanese is, I'm betting this is something only living in Japan can teach you-until now. I doubt they covered it in Japan-go 101, but hey, I could be wrong. Here goes:

Allow me to set the scene. An innocent, enthusiastuc ALT, (AKA, Me) doing her best to be genki (energetic and entertaining) despite the fact that the temperature inside the school is zero and the teachers have decided that, since so many students have been catching colds, they should start keeping the doors and windows open (What the $#$%@%@Q@#%# ?!) As she jumps, dances, and karate-chops her way around the room, pretending to play "Simon Says" in a crude attempt to survive the bitter cold...

Student: Sensei?

Teacher: Yes?

Student: Society's window.

Teacher: Huh? (clueless).

Student: Social Window! (Trying to be discreet).

Teacher: WHAT the heck is that? Social window? What does that mean? (loud and obnoxious. If everyone wasn't listening before, they are now).

Student: It's open.

Sensei: . . . Oh...

So, what does it mean?


Todd said...

I'm gonna guess it's the equivalent of the American X,Y,Z...

eXamine Yo Zipper

wv: iruxcdbm..... no idea

Abbey said...

Yon barn door.
The hangar.
Yo fly.

Aaaaand that's a laugh.

WV: jpwhtg Jap(anese) White Girl

Ian said...

Hey Melissa... about the ticket.

I asked my Japanese colleague to ring up the theater for me to ask when tickets would be available. She was given a reference number and was told I could go to a post office and pay for it there. We went to the post office and after paying they said a postcard would be sent to me which will act as a ticket. I got the postcard! Does the fact that I got in early mean I'll have a better seat (postcard is numbered)? Or does that depend on what time I arrive? Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog!

p.s. open door, window and fly policy huh? That's rough!

Lindizzy said...

hehehe awwww that sux chica! You'll hafta teach me some idioms... I don't know any...

mandylou said...

i don't understand the social window???? does it mean you're acting like a spaz in public and you should stop??? and how could they leave the windows open in ENA?!?!?!?! that's crazy!

Melissa said...

(^-^) hehehe...Dont feel bad! I didnt understand "Sqwiz" either! (^_<) The were tryinh to tell me that the zipper of my pants was open. Shakai no mado, or "Social Window" is the Japanese way of saying it, with out saying it. I'm sure you Australians have an interesting expression for it as well (^o^)/

And yes, they are CRAZY! And then they wonder why they have to cancel school because 60% of the students are sick.

Tracy Shelley said...

Hello, I can only laugh as I read that... I live in Peru and have had my share of learning the language experiences... Great pictures.

Tracy Shelley