Thursday, January 18, 2007

Last Day: Battambang

August 28, 2006: My last lunch with the monks.

Sammuth and Cham Reourn helping to prepare the meal. They look so kind and gentle, right?

Sammuth and I.

Post-feast siesta time!

Ratha in his hammock.

Yeay (grandmother) Ping.

Yeay Vouy.
The girls and I. I know they don't look thrilled, but they actually asked to take a picture together so that I wouldn't forget them.

As if I could!


Anonymous said...

This isn't a comment on your post as much as it is an introduction. I am the younger, cooler, more handsome sibling of your old pal Abbey.

Your blog has been accepted by the staff here at Old Coot Productions as "worthy of reading on a regular basis".

P.S. Me likey your pictures.

Anonymous said...

Well, surprise, surprise! The Tooter is here!

I forgot what I was going to say... um...


WV: gyhfdtu Gifu, dat you???