Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Joys of Teaching English

I'm off to Vietnam until (God willing) January 6th, 2006! In the mean time, I leave you with a few Christmas cards the students of my beautiful mountain school made for me. (Nevermind that I don't celebrate Christmas). Well, it's the thought that counts... Enjoy!

Do you like cat balls?



Joel Alfaro said...

what in the world is hideki talking about? it sounds illegal.

did you explain to them how Jesus was not born on the 25th? ;)

Jean said...

Happy new year !!!
Tous mes voeux de bonheur pour cette nouvelle année !

Sera said...

Konnichiwa Melissa!!

I just stumbled across you blog! I found it via your amazing photos on I cannot *begin* to express how much your blog is like finding buried trasure to me! Someone is living the life I want to be living out there!! I'm *obsessed* with Geiko (and Kyoto) as well, and am so pleased (and envious) that someone is able to appreciate them and get as close to their "Flower and Willow" world as you do! I cannot contain my excitement!!


Your entry on Mamechika just blew me away! That is so amazing that you got to experience Geiko like that.....T_T It's like a dream come true being able to read about it!

How is it that you've come to live and work in Japan and be able to do and see all these amazing things? I was able to travel to Japan 2 years ago as a junior in college and I immediately fell in love with the place. I have felt a big chuck of me missing since I've left. :( You, my friend, are living a dream I could only hope to experience one day. How are you doing it? I'm dying to know!

Speaking as a fellow artist, I'm *so* impressed by your photography!! It's so have a wonderful artistis sensibility and eye.

You've found a new loyal reader in me! I can't wait until your next update!!



Patty said...

Do you like Hideki's tight body?

That's what I got out of it...

Anonymous said...

Would it be possibel to use one of your pictures in my blog? I will of course give all the credit to you and put a link to your website in my blog. You may respond to me at