Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Daily Commute

Snow-covered persimmons, dangling over the shivering surface of the Kiso River like tangerine tear drops of sunshine. This is the view from my beautiful mountain school, North Ena Junior High. (Click on the photo to see a larger version).

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Nothing says "Saftey Driving" (as our Japanese friends say) as operating a motor vehicle on a slippery, winding road through the mountains with one hand out the window taking pictures! The ride to work, this morning was just too breath-taking. The pine covered slopes, frosted with a fresh cover of over-night snow, seemed to rise higher on every side as I headed towards my beautiful mountain school. The blue sky, the warm sun, and the way the sugar powdered mountains melded with the fluffy, frosty, clouds hanging low with heavy snow was like a dream...a winter fantasy. Before the snow started falling, I could have sworn I would be happy to skip winter all together, but i will never be able to forget the way the mountains look blanketed in snow, or seeing Ontake's pristine peak rise over the southern alps that embrace my town. Yay for winter!


zbjernak said...

very beautiful
gorgeous view

Joel Alfaro said...

as usual, i love the daily-routine and environment bits!

Lindizzy said...

incredible...what a safe driver you are! heheh I've been known to do that before myself...

Melissa said...

Thanks guys! Lindz, better not try it in NYC :)

Jennifer Whetzel said...

Melissa - you are a girl after my own heart. I have some great shots taken while driving. It's especially strange when you try to zoom in - a little disorienting.

I just wish I had such beautiful landscape around me. I miss the mountains of Japan now that I live in the very flat lands of Kansas.

Jean said...

December, 15
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décembre , 15
J'aime beaucoup ces deux photos !!
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