Friday, July 29, 2005

Osaka Bound! 大阪へ!

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Yuko (one of my best friends from Kansai Gaidai) and I in front of Namba's Neon wall, with the famous Glico Running Man (Glico is a Japanese candy company).

I'm headed for Osaka this weekend to say Sayonara to Lindz, fellow maiko wannabe, and general Japan-land partner in crime, ready to repatriate herself after a year of teaching for Nova.


Anonymous said...

u guys r too cute. Tell her i said Hey!-Vickie

Melissa said...

Vicki! Yuko wants to know when you`re coming back...I want to know when you`re moving to Hawaii so I can come visit you!

Taylor said...

Mboogie, I was wondering how you got all those cool statistics and other things on the right side of your blog page. Could you tell me how to get them?