Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Miyako Odori : Opening Day Update!

The geiko Mari peforming the role of temae,preparing the tea slowly, mindfully, with utmost grace.

The good news is that Miyako Odori began today, and that I was there to see it! The bad news is that spectators are no longer permitted to photograph the performance without a special, expensive license. (ioi)

At least we can still take a few pictures during the tea ceremony (^_<)
As Mari finishes preparing a cup of tea, Katsuyuki brings another.

The maiko Katsuyuki in the role of ohikae.


Andrew Osbourn said...

I'm so happy that the miyako odori is here! I'm glad you made it. I look forward to your posts ^-^

So know you have to get a license to photograph at the miyako odori? *-*
Do you know how much it costs?

Sam Porter said...

Wish I could have seen this in person with you, your brother, and Abbey! Must have been a fascinating performance! I just got an email from Abbey with some pictures from our group outings in Nara and Kyoto. They came out well!
Hope you and your brother are doing well and enjoying your trip!


alyson said...

Oh, so beautiful!

Abbey said...

Melissa, Hontoni thank you for convincing me to go! It was an experience "I will treasure as long as I life!"

WV: cliqkxp The sound of my camera over 1000 times in 4 days!

Anonymous said...

Melissa-san isn't that maiko Satonami in that first picture, not Satoai? She has such a distinct face. And Satonami was wearing that kimono in the odori poster...

I love all of your pictures btw. :)