Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Supernova : English Translation : Bump of Chicken

Supernova: Bump of Chicken
Translation by Melissa Chasse ©

When I get a fever I realize
That I have a body
When my nose gets stuffy I realize
That I’ve been breathing all this time

You’re existence
I make sure of it so many times but
You know how truly precious someone is
Once they’re gone

When I refused your outstretched hand
There might have been a big earthquake
When I protected your outstretched hand
The one I wanted to protect may have been myself

You’re existence
I always held on to it so tightly but
I’m really afraid so
I just can’t let go

La la la…

Talking to people I realize
There’s nothing I want to say
When I try to put the words together
I understand I’m full of feelings I want to express

Your existence
I can keep talking about it like this but
true gratitude
Can’t be expressed by a mere “thank you”

La la la…

In our clock (In the time we have)
We want
to grasp just one truth
and pass it on…

When I try to count the years, I realize
However slight, I had a history
At almost the same time I understand
An end will come to that, too

I can remember you whenever I want but
What I really want is
Not memories, it’s the present

It's after I forget you that I remember
I had a history with you
It's after I loose you that I discover
I met you by chance

A person’s existence
In this world is worthless, but
Somebody’s world
Can be built on it

Your existence
I confirm it so many times, but
Your true existence is that
Even when you’re gone, you’re here

Our clock doesn’t stop
It’s moving

La la la…


Abbey said...

I swear to God... so in trouble.

Melissa said...

I know, right?! I was totally going to write that as the caption to the video. Oh, Motoo, Why do you torment me so? (^_<)

T-36 days and counting! \(^0^)/

Anonymous said...

long song...my roommate says they are popular in Taiwan!

Melissa said...

Really? Taiwan? Is studying Japanese popular there, too?

So are you staying in NYC? How are things at Harry Winston? I hope you stay out there long enough for me to come visit! (^_<)

shigatsuhana said...

Thank you so much for introducing me to Bump of Chicken's music. It's not something I would have found on my own.

Abbey said...

Oh, Motooooooo....

In other news, I think it was good that you changed your arrival to the 23rd - it's a 大安 day according to my calendar. The 27th is 先負, apparently still good, but not AS good.

Hayaku kite, ne!

Waterdroplet said...

Hi! I just noticed that you had nice translation for Hana no Na, so I introduced it in my on-line journal! I hope it's ok with you :3