Friday, May 04, 2007

Watching Fireflies at the Kiyotaki River: Miyako Odori

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Maori, catching fireflies in a remarkable kimono with a unique design depicting the famous zen rock garden of Ryuanji Temple on ther long, flowing sleeves.

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Hiking along the Kiyotaki River in the mountain Atagoyama, located to the northwest of Kyoto city, is popular among Kyoto citizens who seek relief from the heat of summer. The deities of the Atago shrine are believed to prevent fires, and many pilgrims climb up to the mountain on the night of July 31 because a visit in the night is regarded as 1000 visits in value. The fourth scene portrayed some of those pilgrims who enjoy catching fireflies on the way back from the shrine. (Miyako Odori Programme)
Konomi and Maori catching fireflies.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Kotoha and Koyuki.


Sera said...

WOw Melissa! These photos are amazing! (as usual ^__^) I'd love to catch fireflies in such gorgeous kimono! Lucky lucky!

Yeah, isn't that horrible about the chocolate? Talk about ruining one of life's many pleasures! I'm afraid your suspicions about the FDA catering to the money rollers may come true. :(

Anonymous said...

these are my favorite in your photos about miyako odori ^^
i hope to see it one day ^^

Melissa said...

Sera Yes! Catching fireflies has always been a favorite summer pastime of mine, but climbing mountains in Okobo...Now that's something I gotta try! (^_<)

Monik: I'm so happy that you like them (^-^) I hope that you do get to see it some day...I promise it will be a million times more breath-takingly beautiful then any of my pictures!

And thank you for your comment m(- -)m

Royce Okobo said...

Oh, wow! Kotoha looks like a beautiful dancer with the affect you put in your photos! I will one day see the Miyako Odori. And how do you go to the tea ceremony? Are there only certain people allowed in?

Melissa said...

Royce: I`m sure you will, and I know you will love it! When you buy tickets, you can get an extra tea ceremony ticket for about 500 yen (less than 5$). That price includes the beautiful plates they serve the wagashi (Japanese sweets) on. There is no limit to how many people can go,as they continue to perform the ceremony until the dance begins. The important thing is to get there early! (^-^)/

Royce Okobo said...

Hehe! Does the Kamogawa Odori have this too? I'm going to the Tea Ceremony no doubt!! I love green tea... now I can try Matcha!! I hope everything for the US is going okay! In my prayers! (-_-)
I hope Kotoha will still be around, all of todays maiko and geiko!!

HG said...

great photos :)