Sunday, October 15, 2006

Undoukai: FIGHT!

Scenes from the Beautiful Mountain School's Sports Festival \(^o^)/
Fight! The Red Team`s Trendy Takayo makes team spirit fashionable with an English twist on the classic sports festival hachimaki (headband). Running in the rain is no reason to be be kawaikunai yo!

Good form!

Student president Shin cheers on his teammates during the crucial Senshu Relay, in which the runners are elected by their team members based on their speed. Not only is he fast (he comjpletely lapped the rest of the runners in one race), he is also thought to be the cutest guy in school, because he "looks like a foreigner." He got the highest test score in the school, and he`s good at English, too! Go Shin!

The White Rabbit: an event in which the lightest teammate is forced to risk his life running on the backs of his friends as they race around the track. Once the 'rabbit' successfully passes over them, the other kids race to the front of the line and assume the position until they have covered half the distance of the track. Sound dangerous? It is! The poor red rabbit fell down 6 times before finally breaking his ankle and being replaced.

The 3rd year students special event, the "Chain Gang Escape." Ichi ni! Ichi ni! Us teacher^types got cool *staff* shirts with Kitunchu, written on the back, supposedly the Okinawan dialect for people from Honshu. The top character 北、means north. The lower character, 人、means person.

Note that both of their legs are tied together, as well as to the people behind them. Events like this emphasize acting as "one heart" and "one mind."

Whtie team may have one, but Terrible Takayo, Yo Yo Yuya, Shin-chan and Kaz got nothing but love for each other. Peesu!

My girls! Natsuki, Ami, Mio, Takayo, and Ami.

Another %$#&'$ speech! For God`s sake please stop talking! Its pouring, and my bento awaits!

Hip hip Horray! Yuya is flung into the air by his loosing teammates. No tears! For the first time in 3 years of undokai, no tears! Its all good at the beautiful mountain school!

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Anonymous said...

I wish I got a t-shirt. I was promised one at LES, but I couldn't go to their undoukai so I guess that was out. Wah.
But great shots, good DOF, and your comments really made the pictures come alive for me.
See you Friday, Boo.