Saturday, September 23, 2006

Welcome to the Jungle: Ta Prom

My first visit to Ta Prom was unforgettable, and I couldn`t wait to explore the tangles of tree roots and temple ruins all over again. This time, it was the people I met there that I`ll never forget.

It`s taken me forever to get these pictures up. Hopefully I`ll get the time to write a bit more about them soon...Gomen ne, minna! m(- -)m


Anonymous said...

That kid with the mask is such a cutie pie! Awesome as always!

Your elite 友達

Christopher said...

Gorgeous as always. Thank you for sharing! ありがとうございます!

Michaela said...

These pictures are fabulous! How did you manage to get images of people dressed in the traditional Apsara costumes?!??! I've wanted images like that forever. You were incredibly lucky :o). So glad you captured them for all of us to see. Sorry about your missing CD - some of the best images are in your heart, and will stay there forever. No matter what.

Lindizzy said...

whoa! Those girls are so pretty, I didn't see them when I was there!! I think my camera battery kept dying, too so I'm not sure I even got very many pics of that place... so cool!

karyna said...

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