Thursday, September 14, 2006

Welcome to Angkor!

Arrival outside of Siem Reap, after a remarkable comfortable and quick (comparatively speaking) bus ride from Phnom Phen.

Approaching Angkor Wat, hoping to catch the sunset from its central peak...

I`ve never seen Angkor in this light before...So beautiful!

Ahh! I can`t escape them! They`re everywhere! (^_<) Just kidding. My new Japanese friends Nori, Sayaka and Hiro.

Due to a YahooBB bill that went unpaid during my visit to Cambodia, I have been experiencing some technical difficulties. Hopefully I`ll be able to get more up soon!


Lindizzy said...

I met some Japanese in Cambodia, too, how fun is that? We watched the sunset together on top of this temple...that tuk tuk sign is so funny!!

Melissa said...

Im convinced Angkor Wat is a Japanese colony. Most of the people there were Japanese, although there were quite a few Korean and Chinese toursits too. I still cant believe the huge influence Japan has in Cambodia. It still suprises me that so many people (in siem reap) can speak Japanese, and even more are trying to learn. Many of my friends told me its because starting next year soon, Japan is planning to invest heavily in Cambodia, and everyone is hoping to get a good job with a Japanese company.