Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Miyako Odori: Coming Soon!

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Remember Mamechika? Here she is, performing "Autumn Color Leaves at the Jojakkoji Temple in Sagano" with another geiko during the this year's Miyako Odori, Gion's famous "Dances of the Old Capitol" held each spring.


Abbey said...

I like the expression on the one on the right. Not a very geiko-like expression. As I am an expert.

WV: notwkfn Melissa's Japanified English lament at GS: "Not work fun..."

Patty said...

I spent quite some time slowing savouring your photos on Flickr, and then came here to your blog.

I was first in Japan in November 2006, and adored Kyoto. We had only two days there, and we were given a whirlwind tour. It was so wonderful to see, especially after the 180-degree Tokyo.

Thank you for your gorgeous shots. We will be back in Tokyo and Atami next week, and I can't wait to take more pictures. But your maiko and geiko photos have just made my week. Thank you.