Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ice Skating Super Stars

BMC (Beautiful Mountain Crew) representing Kita Chu at the 2nd annual ice skating lesson. #7 Shin, #17 Takayo, #2 Yuya, #13 Shu.

Autumn has officially ended, and winter is in full swing. That means two things: Being able to see your breath indoors (especially at school), and ice skating! After dazzling both sensei and student alike last year with my mediocre skating skills, I was invited once again to join my most beloved sannenseis (third years) for the 2nd annual, educational trip to Ena`s nearly brandspanking new ice skating rink: Crystal Park.

Ganbatteiru ne! Giving it all they got, Japan's future speed skating dream team: Shu, Naonori, Kento, Ryo.

For many of my students, this was only the second time in their entire lives being out on the ice. The girls were all given figure skates, of course, while the boys had to struggle with speed skates that many of them had trouble even standing in (note Kento in the picture above). After a 30 minute "lesson" in which the instructor skated around the students in circles telling them to do the same, few were brave or able enough to stray too far from the bars. After a few basic explanations by yours truely, kids skating frontwards, backwards, and trying to spin!

Ami and Mio...

All in all it was an incredibly fun adventure. I felt so blessed to be able to spend this time with my students, and the best part about it is that they were sincerlely happy to be with me, too. When they started getting the hang skating or spinning, they'd call me over excited. "Melissa! Watashi wo Mitte ne! Mitte! (look at me! look at me, Ok?)" or skate up behind me an take my hand. Even the boys would be like "oh! Melissa! Look! Wonderful!" or "Watch us! Who`s faster?" When I assumed they were getting sick of indulging me, I`d skate off on my own, but they`d always call me back (^-^) What am I going to do when they graduate? (i0i)

The Amazing Amis collide.

"It's cool. We meant to do that!"

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If it weren't so dolgurn expensive
I'd say let's go. How fun to go with the babies, though!