Monday, November 13, 2006

Pretty in Pink: Miyofuku

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As I stood talking to the old women of Sakuraya, I noticed this young maiko walk past and call at an okiya down the street. After some time had passed, I noticed that she had not yet slipped behind the slit wooden grill of the sliding door, but stood nervously, looking up and down the street. I asked the Okaasan if she was ok, so we walked down to find out. Poor Miyofuku had been locked out of her okiya, and with everyone at rehersals for the fall dance recitals, she didn't know where to go or what do to. Finally Yasuha and Fukuyoshi came by and took her home with them.

Man, I don't know why she didnt just kick off those clogs and climb in through a window! That's what i always used to do when I got locked out (^_<) Hehehe....Just kidding.


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Anonymous said...

awesome pictures. looks like i missed out big-time. what're ya doin for winter break? tried callin but my timing's off. great storytelling too.


Anonymous said...

kawaii, na? How old do you think she is?

By the dub, I went touyu tonight, and it's delicious! Sooooo toasty!