Friday, July 21, 2006

Gion Matsuri: Yoiyama 2006

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Yuko and I in front of one of the smaller festival floats, haku raku ten yama (White Paradise Mountain) at Gion Matsuri's Yoiyama (the night before the main procession, Yamahoko Junko). Yuko has played a major part in my adventures in Japan since my first day at Kansai Gaidai, when she and a bunch of friends waited for me outside after class and very politely asked if they could be my friend (^-^)/ Look at her! How could I say no? Kawaii! (^-<) *wink*
An elementary student performing the sacred Shirasagi Mai, the White Herron Dance, infront of Yasaka Jinja (Shrine) on Shijo dori (Avenue).

A high ranking maiko taking time out of her busy schedule to teach a younger maiko how to count.

Taiko: It's an art.

Zettai Shounen! A group of young boys donning their neighborhood yukata making music in the streets.

Suzuha, one of Gion's most beautiful and popular maiko, enjoying Yoiyama with a few friends.Say Peesu! (^-^)v

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Inge said...

Once again amazing photos, your blog really offers consistent visual quality :-). I'm pretty interested in checking this festival out next summer, it looks amazing!

Lindizzy said...

amazing! as usual. Who was of my friends said they were gonna go to the festival, and I told them they should meet up w/u. Oh yeah- it was Odia, my friend from work! I wonder if she went...she is still in Osaka teaching, you should get in touch! Japan feels so far away...I went to this Salsa night last night at Chelsea piers by the bay, and saw this couple. I totally thought they were Japanese, but they were Korean! Oh well. Did you talk to Ang about Vietnam? RU really going to Thailand in December??

Christopher said...

Melissa, as always, excellent photos and post! がんばってよ!

Melissa said...

Inge: Yes! You should definately squeeze it into your schedule. I promise, you wont be disappointed (^-^)v

Lindz: It wasnt the same without ya girl! Is Odia still in Japan? No way! Salsa...You dont know what I would give to be able to get my salsa on here. I'm definately planning on Thai in December. i never heard from Ang :( I miss you! Please come visit sometime!

Christopher! You're new site is awesome! Are you on your way back to Japan land? I'm glad you like the photos! はい、がんばりますよ!ありがとう!

Jenny said...

Wonderful as always ^^
Suzuha is so lovely....