Friday, June 23, 2006

The Truth about Sushi


Inge said...

That's hilarious, what a great example of self-deprecating humor! I'm tempted to steal it off you and put it on my blog too ;-). Hope you had a wonderful time in the US!

Luke Elliot said...

Oh, it looks like you figured out how to do it, Melissa :) But just in case you were having trouble with the Google videos, specifically: click on the bottom right button that says "Google Video" in order to view the video on the google page. On the google page, click the button on the right that says "share this video." Then click on the link that says "embed html" Then you can just copy and past the code it gives you in your blog entry.

Melissa said...

Inge: Spread the love, girl (^-^)v

Luke: 教えてくれてありがとうね!グーガルビデオのことがぜんぜん分からなかった!ケイタイシネマに本当に楽しみ!

Abbey said...

Morissa, that's awesome. I've got another one for you, not as funny, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Brittney....your cuz said...

If I could see the video then I'm sure I would have liked it. My computer would not load it. I can't believe you left more then a week ago!! I soooooooo miss you!! And I might be able to sent you some picts.(Don't count on it though because the ones I told you I was going to send I never sent!!)I will try and buy some stamps to mail the letters to you too. Well, bye for now.

Melissa said...

B! Its been a lot longer than a week now, girl, and I still haven't gotten any letters! I guess I`ll let it go this once, since its summer vacation back in the land of the free, and I`m sure you`ve got better things to do than to write to your poor cuzin stuck in Japan!

Anonymous said...

funny :D if u got some videos or photos about making sushi or decoration sashimi etc and if it's not problem send it to
I make sushi 1 year in Poland and I'm interesting how it looks like in Japan ( i saw some videos in youtube but it not enough ;p ). I would come to Japan some day but now I don't have so much cash to do it ;)

Y-Maeda said...

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