Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Morning Commute: Gion

Young maiko wander through the traditional teahouse-lined streets of Gion.


Inge said...

Waw, that really makes me want to jump on the next shinkansen to kyoto! Will be off to Kobe, Osaka & Koyasan next week; that should be wothwile too :-). Are you recontracting with JET for a 3rd year?

Melissa said...

Ooo..Koyasan! I`ve been wanting to go there for so long (^-^) I look forward to hearing about your adventure there!

Yes, I am staying a 3rd year (^o^)/ JET is such a dream-- Its a once in a life time chance and I know I`d regret it if I didnt milk it for all its worth (^-<) *wink* Plus, there is still so much to see and experience, not only in Japan, but the rest of Asia as well.

How about you?