Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Kamishichiken Geiko

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Katsukiyo and Umewaka, 2 geiko of Kamishichiken district, perform during the Kitano Odori.

A short excerpt from the Kitano Odori programme:

Kamishichiken is the oldest and most distinguished gay quarters (as in merry, not the modern connotation) in Kyoto, and training of geiko is given with the idea of producing an excellent few rather than a large number of mediocre entertainers. Therefore they are required to master many arts, such as shamisen, hand drum, dancing and traditional ballads like kiyomoto, tokiwazu, kouta, and nagauta...

Stay tuned for More to come!


Paul/Pablito/Nacho/El Yanqui Imperialista said...

By the way: You take really awesome pictures. Japan looks more and more enticing the more I explore your blog.
However, I have to say that someday...and someday soon...you have to know Colombia. This place is incredible. Unlike anything I've ever experienced.

deod1 said...

Dear Melissa,

We recently met at Kamogoawa odori. I sent you photos, but have not heard from you. I promised you photos and would hate to think you were still waiting because they ended up in cyberspace or in your spam file. Just want to be sure you received them. Did you?

Thanks in advance for a response,