Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Maiko-han of Miyagawa: Kyo Odori Finale


Excerpt from the 57th Annual Kyo Odori Program:

The long cold winter gives way at last to the arrival of spring in the ancient capital of Kyoto, and the Kyo Odori is always a welcome and colorful addition to this flower-filled season.

Famous for their beauty, the geisha and maiko of Miyagawa-cho grace the Kyo Odori stage to offer lively, fun, and elegant portrayals of seasonal culture, local flavor, and stories that developed in places throughout Kyoto...

Time always seems short,but we hope that the seven scenes of this year's performance, Seasonal Glories of the Capital, will provide a sense of the tradition and beauty embodied in the local performing arts.


Abbey said...

Nice shot! Beautiful pictures, as always! I'm going to send you one of my beautiful pictures from today's outing!

Paul/Pablito/Nacho/El Yanqui Imperialista said...

Nope. We don't have photography classes at the Academy. The little I know about photography I picked up in Mrs. McMullen's class at Midpark. But, honestly...the real artist is you. ¡Qué chiva esta foto! Te admiro mucho.