Monday, April 24, 2006



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Geiko Fukutomo and maiko Kimika dancing in Miyagawa-Cho's Spring Dance, Kyo Odori.

Just got back from another wonderful weekend in Kyoto! (^-^)/ More coming soon!


danielmick said...

Hey Melissa, I'm going to Kyoto this weekend. I'd like your recommendations/advice. danieljmick at yahoo dot com.

Sera said...


I can't wait to hear/see more of it Melissa! You take the BEST geisha photos! *drool*

Zocko said...

Hey Melissa,

Michelle here! I'm back in Canada now but I'll return to Japan next year! Hopefully I can visit you in the Japan boonies!

Ohmagee is that you as a Geisha? You're so cute!!! Better than me as a maiko (or whatever) but I can't upload those pictures yet. They're on my batteryless computer!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Love ya!

Jenny said...

Soooo beatiful.
I love the pictures ^^